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The Chaney Nest, LLC Privacy Policy

The Chaney Nest, LLC respects your privacy while you visit our website. Any and all information collected on this site will not be sold, rented, or loaned. Your information will be held with the utmost care and will not be used for anything other than official company business. This policy explains how we collect information and how the information is used.

The Chaney Nest, LLC monitors and collects information from website visitors for legal and policy compliance, network security, and so that the user experience can be the best possible for our visitors. Some information is collected automatically while other information is provided by website visitors.

The Chaney Nest, LLC collects limited identifying information from the browsers of website visitors. This information is not personal, and does not disclose information that links to any specific individual. This information includes internet protocol addresses, browser type, operating system type, internet domain, mobile device type, URLs of websites that you come to from, cookie information, as well as the pages on that are visited (including date and time of access).

The Chaney Nest, LLC uses cookies that uniquely identify a user’s browser so that content most relevant to a user may be served.

Website visitors may provide information to The Chaney Nest, LLC when they complete an online. When paying fees on a The Chaney Nest, LLC website, financial information entered may be used to process payments. If you do not wish to provide contact or financial information on our websites, you may call The Chaney Nest, LLC for alternative methods of contact or payment.

The Chaney Nest, LLC utilizes industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption when accepting financial information online.

Information that website visitors provide may be used by The Chaney Nest, LLC for marketing or internal purposes. The Chaney Nest, LLC does not sell or rent your information with outside organizations. Collective information about site users – but never personal, individualized information – may be used in marketing, advertising and other relationships with third parties.

Additionally, The Chaney Nest, LLC has social media tracking features implemented on This includes Facebook cookie tracking and web beacons or similar technology to collect or receive visitor information. These features allow The Chaney Nest, LLC to measure services and target marketing efforts.