Alistair’s Apple Orchard

Alistair’s Apple Orchard

Alistair is 1!

It is hard to believe that an entire year has passed since our second baby boy was born. Around a year ago, I distinctly remember sitting at home opening our anniversary gifts from one another early that morning before Ed left for work (it was our 4th Anniversary!). I remember thinking, ‘Wouldn’t it be sweet if Alistair came today? That would be the perfect Anniversary gift!’ Not to mention he was already 3 days past his due date! Little Edward was a week early, so those were possibly the longest 10 days of my life as I thought Alistair would come a week early too. Well as it turns out, I started feeling strong contractions shortly after opening our presents from each other, so I told Ed that I thought it was time to head to the hospital. And if you know me, I had everything (and more!) packed and ready to go. So off we went, and Alistair made his grand entrance 5 hours later! We’ve been smitten ever since. There’s just something about being a mom of 2 boys! (If you’re interested, I plan to make more detailed blog posts about my labor and delivery experience with Edward as well as Alistair in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!).

This year has brought many ups as well downs (to be expected, am I right?). Alistair had to have a tongue tie procedure at 11 weeks because nursing wasn’t going great. However, we have officially made it over a year now! I never thought we would, but I am so thankful we have. We’re going to keep trucking as long as he wants to. He nurses, on average, 3 -4 times a day now. Alistair loves, loves his big brother – where Edward is, Alistair is following right behind. It has been so sweet to watch their friendship unfold and develop. He crawled around 6 months, walked at 11. He says ‘mama’ & ‘dada’ – it’s the sweetest! He is quite possibly the most active and stubborn baby I’ve ever known (he gets it honest). Hopefully we can feed those traits and help him use them in a positive sense one day. He loves most anything sweet and can scarf an entire half of a grilled cheese in a matter of minutes (again, gets it honest!). He could live outside if we let him. He finally started sleeping through the night when he turned 1 with an occasional wake up to feed. His smile is entirely contagious. Anyway, I could go on and on, but I’ll spare you. In a nutshell – to know him is to love him.

For his 1st birthday, we celebrated by having immediate family over. It was such a sweet time to spend with one another by enjoying a meal, eating cupcakes and playing outside. We are thankful for all of the love we have received from both sides of our family over the years. It is something we never want to take for granted. Thank you all for joining us and loving on Alistair with us!

Here are some pictures from the day. We had an apple theme, as Autumn is finally here! I tried to keep it somewhat simple but had so much fun planning and decorating.

Invitations designed by the oh so talented, Ashlee Bennett (to see her work, visit her site:


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